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Recent Successes

Cases Recently Won by Our Experienced Worcester, MA Employment Attorneys



Massachusetts Employment Lawyers Group will work tirelessly to achieve the best results possible.  Below are examples of recent successes achieved by MEL.  Please note, these are examples only.  MEL cannot guarantee that your case will be successful or that you will obtain comparable results.  MEL can guarantee that they will advocate for you as forcefully as possible.
* Won a quarter-million dollar award for a male cook in a sexual harassment case against his employer and female supervisor. The case was tried before the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination.

* Obtained a $375,000 pre-suit settlement on behalf of an executive who had been sexually harassed and retaliated against while working for a world renowned non-profit entity.

* Settled a sexual harassment case, before filing suit, for $175,000 against a mental health provider.

* After filing an age and handicap discrimination claim at the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination, achieved a $250,000 settlement from a Boston hospital on behalf of a long-term employee.

* Negotiated a $225,000 settlement for a terminated employee in a whistleblower retaliation case.

* Obtained a $180,000 settlement on behalf of an employee in an employment
discrimination/independent contractor misclassification.

* Reached a settlement that included multiple damages and attorneys’ fees on
behalf of two individuals who were improperly classified as exempt from

* Successfully defeated an employers’ motion for summary judgment based on an
overtime pay scheme using a fluctuating workweek and reached a settlement that
included multiple damages and attorneys’ fees.

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