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Springfield, MA

Dedicated Employment Attorneys Serving Clients in Springfield, Massachusetts

Springfield, MassachusettsSpringfield, Massachusetts, on the Connecticut River, richly deserves its nickname, “City of Firsts.” Its thriving business environment is nourished by the renowned Knowledge Corridor, the second largest concentration of colleges and universities in the United States. Meanwhile, its list of notable residents is too long to list here.

Individualized Legal Representation

In Springfield as well as elsewhere, the law touches nearly every aspect of personal and professional life. For example, it is ubiquitous in the business world. Whatever your legal issue is, however, a “cookie-cutter” approach simply won’t do. Nearly every legal issue involves a complex pattern of facts and legal considerations that require an individualized solution.

At MA Employment Lawyers, we understand that every client is unique and every case is different. Business litigation against a competitor, for example, involves different considerations than business litigation against a supplier. Unlike litigation against a competitor – it is probably important to maintain a working relationship with your supplier – even after your issue is resolved.

Practical Solutions

The most important aspect of representation that they don’t teach in law school is the fine art of listening. We see it as our job to actively listen to our clients’ concerns in order to craft a legal solution that responds to your specific, unique needs.

Of course, our services are not limited to responding to problems once they arise. For example, we strongly encourage our business clients to engage in long-term strategic planning that can yield enormous benefits, and prevent legal issues from arising in the first place.

What Our Clients Say

“The MA Employment Lawyers law firm has been our outside counsel for 5+ years and overall we could not be more satisfied with the quality of their excellent representation. We utilize their expertise in all of our general litigation as well as advising us on numerous corporate matters.”  – Recent client

Our Practice Areas

The broad expertise of our attorneys allows us to run a diverse practice. Following is a list of some of the types of cases we commonly handle:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

May I freely use my company’s registered corporate name as a trademark?

Not necessarily. When you register your business name, the state will check to make sure your proposed name is not identical to another business name already registered. Under trademark law, however, a similar but not identical name can infringe another trademark if it is similar enough to raise a likelihood of confusion in the minds of consumers.

Can I stop my former business partner or former employee from running a business that competes with mine?

Sometimes. If your former business partner or employee uses your company’s trade secrets to compete with you, you might have a claim. The claim could be based on any of the three items below:

  • Unfair competition
  • Infringement of patent, trademark, or copyright
  • Breach of a non-compete clause

Can an owner or shareholder be held personally liable for corporate debts?

In most cases, those with ownership interests in corporations are not liable for corporate debts beyond their contribution to the corporation. Nevertheless, under certain circumstances (e.g., commingling of personal and corporate assets), a court will “pierce the corporate veil” and hold an owner or shareholder liable for corporate debts.

What are some alternative means of resolving a business dispute?

Methods of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), include:

  • Reporting the defendant to administrative authorities for possible sanctions
  • Arbitration, if both parties agree either in a pre-existing agreement or after a dispute arises
  • Mediation
  • Negotiation

Size Matters

When selecting appropriate legal representation, size does indeed matter – but not in the way that might seem the most obvious. Tiny law firms typically lack the investigative resources to handle complex cases. On the other hand, if you choose a law firm that is too large you risk getting treated like a case number, not a valued client.

Decisive Action Makes All the Difference; Connect With Springfield’s Employment Lawyers

No matter what your legal challenge, you are better off engaging an attorney sooner rather than later. But not all lawyers are created equal, and your choice of law firm could turn out to be the most important decision you make in your case. Our track record of winning multi-million dollar recoveries and helping clients find their way out of daunting legal quagmires, speaks for itself.

Contact Springfield’s MA Employment Lawyers immediately by calling (413) 443-9399, emailing us atinfo@maemploymentlawyers.com or filling out our online contact form. We are waiting to hear from you, and we are ready for action.