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Worcester Employment Lawyers

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MA Employment Lawyers
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An employee in Worcester experiencing discrimination

Federal and MA law prohibits discrimination based on your race, gender, color, age, religion, pregnancy, sexual orientation more>>


Employee experiencing a sexual harassment in Worcester

We believe that all employees should enjoy a harassment-free workplace.  Unfortunately, we know that isn’t everyone’s reality  more>>

Wage Violation


wage violation cases in Worcester

Federal and Massachusetts law provide significant protections to employees to be sure they get what they have earned. Most commonly more>>



An employer shouting at an employee over the phone

All too often, employees get punished for doing the right thing. You reported harassment or discrimination occurring in the workplace  more>>



A hammer used in an employment trial in Worcester

We will work tirelessly to achieve the best results possible.  Below are examples of recent successes achieved by MEL.  Please note, these are examples only.  more>>


A happy employment case client in Worcester

Kevin represented me in a sexual harassment case against my former employer and former supervisor.  He did a superb job in the case.  The case went to trial at the   more>>


Client searching information regarding employment cases

Obesity a Disease?: We have extensive experience representing employees with disabilities who have been discriminated against because of those disabilities. more>>

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Client contacting an employment lawyer for his case in Worcester

If you have any comments or questions, please contact us. Our skilled Worcester employment lawyers can help. more >>

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Trusted Worcester Employment Attorneys Ready to Serve You

Employment law team

We are a team of experienced attorneys focused on protecting employees in the workplace.  Combined, the group has over 40 years’ experience in fighting for employees.  The group has successfully represented employees throughout the country on claims involving discrimination, harassment, retaliation, hostile work environment, and wage violations.

Our Worcester employment attorneys are tireless and aggressive advocates who use their in-depth knowledge and extensive experience to maximize outcomes.

The majority of us work for a different person, other than ourselves, and our boss is referred to as our employer. With most employment instances, we have legal rights, which a Worcester employment lawyer at our firm is aware of, that are particular to the place of employment, and when we have a general understanding of labor law, which is wise; we know what to do in certain situations involving the workplace. Having this comprehension is a good way to make certain you are safeguarded and by having general facts, you will know better how to handle any instance that might occur while you are working.

Some things that could happen at work are hazardous work atmospheres or procedures, sexual harassment, fair treatment, the same for all employees, and numerous additional things that can take place at work. In addition, a situation could consist of errors with pay, such as overtime, and diverse items that entail compensation for work-related injuries and additional problems. It is extremely vital to understand each law pertaining to your employment because you do not know when something will occur or what will take place, and if you have some general facts, you will find it beneficial later, just in case.

General Employment Laws and How Employees can Learn More

Numerous sources of information exist to assist workers with comprehending general laws regarding labor. You can begin by looking online and performing a general search for labor laws in your area, pertaining to your job, and so on. If you reside in, for example, the state of Indiana, you may wish to look up laws for that state. There are a few federal laws and then there are state laws. A skilled Worcester employment attorney at MA Employment Lawyers can additionally help employees understand each general labor law as well.

Once you have found some details about these legal guidelines for your location, you can look at other good resources, such as at your nearby library or through your boss to learn more. Libraries usually have several legal books and sources that can assist you with learning more and your boss should have a few details and posters about diverse labor laws.

Additional places to learn more, as mentioned briefly already, are our Worchester employment attorneys. If you know someone who had a labor attorney previously, you can confer with the legal professional to learn more about labor law for your location and specific job. Family and friends may have additional details for you as well. However, employment law firms are your best bet to gather up-to-date and accurate information for workplace laws in your state. Another place you can look into is the EEOC, The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. They should have good details about equal employment rules as well as labor laws that apply to that subject. They additionally have material concerning several workplace laws that might help you comprehend everything better.

Locating General Labor Law Details within Employee Handbooks

If your boss consists of an HR office, Human Resources, you should be able to locate more details about labor laws within the employee handbook and through the HR office. They ought to be capable of answering any concerns or questions you might have regarding your job and state. That can be extremely useful and a few business owners provide paid training surrounding this topic as well.

Make certain to ask your employer about employment law for your workplace and state so you can comprehend at least the basics about the matter. That is the first area to begin learning, and if he or she provides training, you may wish to register for the course too. If you need additional details, you can look online or talk to a Worcester employment attorney, ask the employees at the EEOC or talk with friends and/or loved ones who are familiar with employment laws for your state and your particular line of work. If all else fails, you can talk to a trusted Worcester employment lawyer at MA Employment Lawyers, because an employment attorney is specialized in this subject and always has up-to-date information, and most attorneys are more than happy to answer questions.