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Client Testimonials

What Clients are Saying About Your Worchester, MA Employment and Labor Law Attorneys

happy clientsAll testimonials are supplied voluntarily by former clients who are stating their opinions about MEL and its lawyers.  No person receives anything in exchange for providing a testimonial.  The statements contained in any testimonial are not intended to create a guarantee or assurance that your case or any other specific case may result in a similar outcome.

o  Kevin represented me in a sexual harassment case against my former employer and former supervisor.  He did a superb job in the case.  The case went to trial at the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination and Kevin’s performance at the trial was outstanding. His cross-examination of the employer’s witnesses was very impressive.  He also prepared me thoroughly for my testimony and made me feel very confident.  We won the case and I was awarded a large sum of money in damages.  It was a ground-breaking case because I was the first man to successfully sue for sexual harassment by a female supervisor.  I felt vindicated and supported and was very fortunate to have Kevin as my attorney. I would very much recommend Kevin to anyone who has experienced sexual harassment, discrimination or any unlawful conduct in the workplace.  He not only cares about his clients and has vast experience, but he also is professional and thorough as an attorney.

o  I was very jaded with the legal system, as I had met with several law firms and was not impressed by anyone.   I am so happy that I made an appointment with Kevin and Benjamin.    During the first five minutes of my initial consultation with Kevin and Ben, I knew that I had found the right firm.  They were exactly what I needed because they were compassionate and took the time to listen to me and validated my feelings.  I was very impressed with their legal skills and how well they fought for me.    The opposing counsel did not stand a chance against them and the financial compensation that I received far exceeded my expectations. I will be eternally grateful to Kevin and Ben and would highly recommend them.

o  Ben represented me with an employment issue: trying to return to work after brain surgery.  What impressed me most about Ben is his ability and passion to hold his client as a human being and not an hourly income or commodity.  Ben put a great deal of thought into the merits of my case and presented me with various possible outcomes. That in itself was impressive and showed what a strategic and thorough lawyer he is.  But Ben goes way beyond that.  Ben lawyers soul to soul.  He willingly shares his compassion and lets you know that foremost, you are a  human being in need of an advocate, during a very stressful time, and that he offers you a real human behind the lawyer.  Ben is a great mentor to the profession of law.  I come from a long line of attorneys and know this inside out.  Ben was a real honor to work with and to have the privilege to meet.

o  I was originally nervous about proceeding with a lawsuit against my former employer.  Chris and Ben made that process easy.  Chris and Ben made me feel protected and comfortable.  They were patient, honest, and always answered my questions in a timely fashion.  Ben and Chris were always there for me and were easy to talk to.  Ben and Chris fought for me the whole way and won me a settlement I didn’t think was possible.  I would recommend Ben and Chris to anyone who has a workplace problem.